Thursday, June 12

Penang Day 2 (Part 2) : 3D Art & Kek Lok Si

Here's Penang Day 1 & Penang Day 2 (Part 1) read if you haven't
Basically it was raining when we head down from Penang Hill.
So we ended up pushing downward our trip to Kek Lok Si in the end.
We actually wanted to go visit Kek Lok Si nearby which has a lot of shop & stall selling amazing food
Especially one particular shop that sells asam laksa, we missed out the best gourmet. :(

However we we were lucky enough to dine into the 
Famous Baba Nyonya cousine which is called Mama's Restaurant.
Will blog specifically for this restaurant!
After lunch we had a Tea time moment with the famous CM Lim Guan Eng!
Its really our privilege to met him. 

All picture was taken outside of the 3D art museum.

Compare to last year I went to 3D Art Trick at Shah Alam it was really different.
3D Art in Penang are mostly huge drawing in one room. 
Whereas in Shah Alam mostly small drawing 
Both places have their unique drawing & design. Some I liked some were not my favorite
Depended on your taste & preference. 

After tea time session with CM we headed to Kek Lok Si Temple for a short visit.
It was still slightly raining but we enjoyed the scenery outside.
Few of the Aunties went into the temple for prayers,
& those who obviously didn't went into the Temple are Christian (pointing at myself)
Don't get me wrong cause even if you're muslim or any other religion its ok to visit inside.
After that we headed to Prangin Mall again & 1st Avenue Mall, 
Wanted to walk more on 1st Avenue but because it was branded shop so 
Mom & Sharon was like lets go back to Prangin Mall. lol
That's how our 2nd day ended full of walking.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

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