Tuesday, November 12

Snow Walk @ I-city Shah Alam


WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!Nahhh I wasn't talking about the snow walk. I was emphasizing the shoes. Sharon and I basically wore slippers INSIDE the snow walk. Thinking that it wasn't going to be as cold as it is. IT WAS AS COLD AS A REAL MEAT STORAGE. I was practically freezing to death.

We wore slippers and shorts inside so we run all the way nearly to the end so we could get out from the snow walk BUT we totally run into the WRONG DIRECTION, we have to run back from the end to the front. OUR LEG WERE NUMB. I'm death serious. Our legs were practically losing conscious or freeze or could even stop rotating the blood system wtf. 

At the exit, I was practically sitting down on the floor heating up both of my legs. I was in fear that the blood in my leg doesn't run through or could caused blood cot wtf. In the end we went out and rent a boots and went in back again. Finally can enjoy and took some picture but we came out A.S.A.P when we explored everything. 

I think they should just change their name from Snow Walk to Walk Till You Freeze LOLLLLL There is no snow at all only ICE, ICE cube, ICE on the floor, ICE on the wall, ICE EVERY WHERE! And it really smell like cold storage wtf. I'll call this human storage (sounds like dead ppl wtf)

It was still a nice experience. hahaha Remember guys! Never wear slippers even the staff didn't warned or didn't told you not to wear slippers. They were basically trying to trick you and let you feel the cold inside. Whether it is cold or not just wear shoes or rent pair of boot. It helps out a lot. hahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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