Tuesday, December 11

Joint Dance Borneo 10th Anniversary 2012

Its not the first time I've been up to the stage performing. This year round I managed to get involved with these bunch of married woman that has a big enthusiastic towards dance performing in the big event. This year's Dance Borneo was held in Kota Kinabalu. The event was organized by the Sabah Women Association. 

From traditional dance, line dance, ballroom dance and many more we're performed by different groups of dancing class as well as Sarawak team. This year we went viral by making it more modern dance instead of Line dance. Basically it was a dance performance + drama performance. Picture all the way down. :)

Picture with the hair and make-up stylist. Mom and I were a little bit stingy and refused to get hair and make-up done by the stylist. Since we need to pay. haha So we did our make-up and hair all by ourselves. At first the make-up wasn't even that thick but ended up we make our make-up even thicker since they requested smoky and dark eyes.

Hawaii theme dance performance also from our dance group! All of them look so slim and gorgeous! Besides, their costume shine and makes the most attention! Since its colorful and in pink.

We took few picture with other members before the shows starts and before the audience were all there yet. 

Ribbon cutting with Datin & Datuk and all the dance teacher from different groups! This is not even the full yet. There's a lot more dance group weren't able to attend this joint event this year. This was just part of KK dance group and Sarawak team.

At first all of them were wearing pink skirt but then in the nearly ending part some of them changed the skirt into green. Just so you know and it looks even prettier.

This team is from Sarawak! They have like almost 50 people involved with this one particular dance. They combine modern and traditional dance together which was fabulous and eye opened.

Oppa Gangnam Style!!!
Since its a modern dance so basically we're using 60's to 80's  pop song + Gangnam style. At first the song was a little bit dull and classic style then afterwards when the Gangnam style's song pop up everyone went viral screaming and cheering. I think we've got the biggest cheering especially the Gangnam style song pop up.

This one was the kid version of gangnam style. Lots of mistake, nervous and hey they were kids. They still did a great job.

I managed to snap pic of them since their costume were amazing. Bombard hair and bling from top to latin shoes. Even the dancer's costume is pretty too. After our turn to performed we went out to the lobby area to take tons of picture together! Lots of group picture below!!!!

Me for the last pic!
My face before I add thicker and smoky eyes and blusher and lipstick. I look nicer without heavy make-up.
It was a great night indeed. I'm having fun. Everyone were having fun too. Young ones like me get to see all these craziness Auntie crazy towards dance. Not only young people like to dance even old people as well. hahaha Ok I'm old. :(

Anyway it was a great experience and a great way to end my 2012 with a memorable event! There will be another post about the jamming party as well. Stay tuned. :)

Cheers and God Bless.

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