Wednesday, December 19

Dance Borneo Jamming Party

This the 2nd day of the event! Everyone get together and dance till their leg is broken. LOL This time jamming party was held in Badminton Court at Komplex Sukan Likas. On the last day of event KK group joint together and dance a traditional dance which was Sumazau!

I think we go 50++ people performed Sumazau dance since its very simple! I'm involving with the Sumazau dance also because I can get free t-shirt. LOL

Photo bombing time! Who knows one of the Auntie's is your mom!? HAHAHA -.-

With Datin Annie! She's the front row so she got to wear Buju Kurung!

I've got the pink color t-shirt! I want blue! LOL

All the Beautiful Ladies! 

Group Photo of Antarabangsa dance group before the event started!
Got spot a lot of familiar face or not!? Maybe your mom is in the picture too. HAHA -.-

Dance till like nobody's business!

Look at the crowd!!

So I was enjoying the night just walking around the Komplex. LOL I didn't dance tho. I was too bored and shy to go to dance with those pro people. So here I am ss-ing all the night with awesome people. LOL

After all these event we've got to get along and have a small party.Our friendship got better, lots of things to share and gossip about.  Having a great night enjoying our food and sipping wine that taste like Ribena, talking and gossiping none-stop. (Basically I'm talking about with the Aunties. LOL)

We got to hang out a lot with our dance group! WE JUST EAT ALL THE TIME T.T. I can't resist good food. hahaha I've gained weight after the performance and the week after we stop our dancing class. Diet is on!! haha!  I'm having so much fun. Teehee!

God Bless and Cheers!!

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