Saturday, March 18

Road trip to Kalbarri 2017

Road trip to Kalbarri was the best ever! It was such an easy going trip with bunch of friends. We were all excited to go since it was a public holiday which falls on Labour Day. We plan things ahead, search for things to do in Kalbarri. Actually we have tons of sight seeing view to see. I wanted to go each of the most popular spot for picture. However time does not permitted us to do such thing. Girls trip were fun but takes the most time out of it. Anyway tons of laughter, singing, photo taking, amazing food, sunny day and quad bike day! 

Visited the pink lake! Best time to view and pink enough with the sun shinning on the lake!

Luckily there's a couple who was willing to help us take a picture of four of us! 

In return I helped them 💗💗💗 Still got some skills here. 📷📷📷

Mandatory car selfie! 

Having lunch at Kalbarri beach and we took a dip in the beach as well after lunch! I love Kalbarri beach more than Geraldton, because it was more calmer and low tide! Amazing day to get a tan skin and sunblock all the way non stop 😅😅

We booked a Quad bike beach Wagoe adventure! It was the best! I have not driven any quad bike before it was my first attempt. I drove for 2 hours straight while the others manage to swap few times. At first it was real scary even though its on 10km/hours. As soon as I'm getting hang of it I managed to drove up to 45km/hours even tho it was limited to 35km/hours. Nonetheless the thrill and fun driving was awesome. It was definitely the best road trip ever! Back in KK we wouldn't have the chance to do this sort of stuff. Love being with them so much. Next fun and adventure ahead! 💗💗

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless! 

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