Monday, July 8

Instagram World

Welcome to Instagram world! Congrates to me! Yeah finally I have insta account! Do follow me anyway. The last time I've wanted to create insta acc was last year! But I have no smart phone but now I do. HAHAHA :P I never knew that instagram is so amazing. So many amazing photography picture, to favorite blogger to favorite celebrities to youtubers and my friends! Never been so addicted before as twitter. LOL. 

Oh facebook is totally not into it already except for their games. Still update twitter as usual with loads of ranting tweet. LOL Yeah and insta as well. Kinda like checking it every hours if picture were uploaded. So amazing to discover different people on insta. Sometimes I was wondering why follow me when you don't even know who I am!? LOL Yeah I have like 5 to 8 followers that I don't even know who they are unless they're my fans! hahahaha Do follow me anyway. I want to know if you're my reader or not. (there's a bar badge insta on my right side! Do follow)  Hehehe

Or because of the hash tag thing? I barely do hash tag like #ig #igday #igdaily #instaoftheday #allthosebullshithashtag #LOL I don't mind the hash tag lah but there's no need to put like a lot cause it looks really messy. No offense anyway. 

Oh another thing I notice similar to twitter! They like to follow random people to gain follower then remove you later on. I was like wtf man luckily I didn't follow back or care anyway. Even if I follow already I'll remove back since I got provoked because you followed me. LOL And also those who buy followers and likes. Can you find me? I want to earn money from you cause every time I like your photo I get money. HAHAHA Earning money is not easy anyway. LOL

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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