Thursday, July 18

Antarabangsa 11th Dance Anniversary

Hello I'm back with short long post!? Either way. Last 2 weeks before the dance party I've been ranting a lot on twitter on how excited I was for the party. I cannot believe my eyes that so many years have past! I joined these Auntie Dance group (Line Dance actually :P) for almost 5 years back when I was still a student. Now they became part of our family (sort of, not really, just to make it sound nicer! HAHA) 

This year's theme was beach party, similar to our last year's 10th Anniversary but this one was super duper casual. Excuse the low quality picture cause I just grab it from Aunties fb. :P

Even tho they were all Aunties they won't loss to anyone in terms of parties (Borneo Jamming Party) , dance performance (Borneo Dance Performance) and eat all the food. LOL Nahh the purpose is to have fun, exercise and social! We even going to plan for a trip! Fuck Ya! My obsession in travelling is getting high. LOL

Group Photo for the evening class! 

Previously we had all glamorous party similar to wedding dinner sorta feel so we sit on a table according to numbers, so I just wanted to sit back and relax and eat all the food only. But it was really a casual party this year and this year I had the most fun and laughter compared to few years back. Cause it was a beach party theme and everyone were participating the games and stuff. So I'm kinda high that night and I joined the fun crazy night. 

We also perform a dance for the party. It was kinda not fun. LOL But then again everyone was having fun, crazy night. Oh we had second round at Blue Lagoon for one of Aunt's birthday party. I was so heated up by the alcohol that night. 3 glass of whisky + cola and  1 glass of vodka + lemon water it was not awesome. For those alcoholic it was easy but for me I'm already drunk. No more, no more I say. hahahaha

Till then, 
Cheers and God Bless

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