Thursday, September 27

I just love FedEx

How can you say no to online shopping when things are so cheap and cheap and cheap!! hahaha. I've been subscribing to for 3months already. They always update us with discount and new arrival and lots more! I decided to online shop last week in Cotton On Asia. They're having massive discount here. 

And I thought that since I've received 30% discount code and they are having mega sale/ discount then why not I buy their stuff online. Since Cotton On is one of well known shop. Besides they have more variety here instead in the shop itself in KK. Especially their accessories and bag. 

As you can see on the pink arrow pointed, that's where you can know the item's price based on your country. Effortless when you need to convert currency. They already did that by just clicking the currencies you wanted to pay. Not to forget the purple arrow I've shown, FREE SHIPPING!!!!! Can you believe that!? Super awesome man. 

After you chose all sorts of dresses, accessories, shoes or anything you've wanted. Paying is one of the hell going on (nobody likes paying) HAHA Look at my total price Rm118 including shipping fee. SUPER EXPENSIVE PLEASE!! 

Since they say they're having free shipping then you should just put the code 'freeship' and click verify (adabracadabra 'pooooff') Can you feel the magic?? HAHA Shipping fee from Rm43 to Rm0!! Awesome kan!? You can save A LOT with free shipping.

Happy or not!? I am very happy LOL! But you are only entitled to put one code. If you're clever enough you would definitely put free shipping code rather than 30%. 30% discount not worth when you have free shipping fee okay!

After I've made payment/ before payment one thing you should see is the shipping terms and condition. You CANNOT MISS THAT OUT! Super important please. I've read all of it and it says that my parcel will arrive within 5 to 7 days. With FedEx's service arrive withing 5 to 7 days it's really super fast already. 

If you compare to normal post it definitely won't reach within that day. You might wait for more than 2 months then when you checked back again they CONFIRM SAY YOUR PARCEL LOST TRACK OR GONE WTF!! Super bad service for local post!!!

I've order on Wednesday so they start to send it on the next day from Singapore. Estimated on next Monday or Wednesday to arrived. But with FedEx no worries at all. They arrived earlier than I've expected! They called me on Saturday and asked me whether I'm at home/ available to get the parcel or not. See super fast and efficient! 3days already arrived KK!! No wonder they charge super expensive lah but I like it since it's FREE haha :)

I personally love this Tassel Tablet Clutch only Rm15. Soft and silky. I was a little bit worried that the size was small. It came out perfectly big enough. This clutch doesn't have in the store. 

This is Annabel Tote only for Rm30. Cheap right!! This one is little big for me and it has no zipper at all but I still like it. It's in a good condition too. Not like in Cotton On shop in KK super lousy, dirty and a little bit of scratches when people tried it out. ( I did a survey in shop 1st before I bought online)

This is Venezeula Top for Rm15 only, this one also don't have in the shop. I think I've lost too much weight I can't fit into L size, I need M size already. I can give this top to my mom Hahaha :P I only can fit M size in Cotton On not in other shop. HAHA

Anyway total for these 3 item is only for Rm60 with free shipping. I just love free stuff. LOL Typical Malaysian. Ohya for the title for this post I don't even know which one is the real deal. It's either Cotton On or FedEx! It's the same anyway. LOL. 

Have a great day and shopping is irresistible. :D
Cheers and God Bless! 

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