Tuesday, January 16

170917 Potluck Lunch

We've been planning for the next potluck lunch time after our returned from our August party as most of us were busy with work and school after our amazing trip. It's really hard to get together and have lunch time since few of them couldn't make it. But this time we made it big and amazing. I've invited Jeremy while  he invited others. At first I thought only 6 of us but ended up more than that.

To be honest I was really emotional again that day. I was literally on my melt down side but trying to be okay. Because I was overwhelmed by him, Sam & Jeremy at the same time. I was hiding inside Nurool's house all the time, while they were waiting for me and looked for me. It's not like I was trying to avoid them, I just couldn't contain myself to face them while I'm on my melt down.

There were tons of place to sit but he has to sit beside me. I am literally speechless and he was trying to cheer me up being all touche in front of Jeremy. I think he somehow knows whats going on at that time, he was trying to protect me in a good way. Cause some of them trying to match me with Jeremy so he was trying to be there for me in a funny way. Thinking back really made me laugh out loud.

During that time even though it was an overwhelming place for me but we had tons of laugh & fun times together. Because we dance to baby shark & recorded video for baby Jacob. I'm happy but very exhausted in the end. Everyone leaves the places very tired but enjoyed. So lucky to have these get together session with bunch of them. Hope there's more to come. 💓

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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