Tuesday, January 30

091017 Baby Jacob 2nd Birthday

When I first met Baby Jacob he was only 1 year and 3months. Now he turned 2 years old! I really couldn't believe how big he is right now. It clearly shows that children grow real fast while we grow older each day. Tony & Janice decided to celebrate Baby Jacob's birthday in the restaurant since we were pretty much in big group. Invited close friends and family to the dinner.

He was trying to eat the cake but focus was elsewhere hence this facial expression! Cute 💓

Big group photo, as you can see all adult one kid HAHA

I think the adult was the one that has the most fun! Utilizing the props & every single thing.

Photo with baby Jacob & the Pretty Mommy!

We adult literally had the most fun, but also ensured Jacob had fun too! He was shy meeting us with different outfit but soon got used to us. We kept on holding Jacob for photo and also take turn to make sure Jacob have fun & laugh all the night. I'm sure he had fun like we had fun. His real birthday was on the next day, but we celebrated a day earlier since the restaurant was closed that night. The next day after we finished work we went to Tony & Janice house to celebrate his real birthday. Just us few people was enough, sang him Birthday song & ate cake that's it, simple night. Seeing him grow so healthy & happy is a blessing! Continue to grow big, healthy & happy Baby Jacob! I love you 💓

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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