Tuesday, January 23

250917 Long Weekend

It was a long weekend, celebrated Queen's Birthday on the 250917. So it was really just a casual day for us. We all had no plans and Nicole was in Perth with her boyfriend. While Nurool was going to another party at someones house. 

We had coffee at Dome cafe. Relaxing and simple photo taking session.

Afterwards I went to Amini's house. While I was there the boys went to gym. Last minutes decision we went to double beach & leaning tree for a short sight seeing. We planned to bring a volleyball to the beach for a small play but the wind was way too strong for us to play. And it was freaking cold that time. 

Double beach was really gorgeous, the sun was half way down almost an hour before sunset.

We then went separate ways with Louisa because they were going to buy some groceries for dinner, while we headed to leaning tree. At first I was like ''what leaning tree??'' It was actually my first time going there. It was nothing special basically a tree leaning. 😂 But nonetheless we had an amazing simple day. Afterwards we head back to our own places. We talked, laughed and freezes ourselves during that day thinking that the weather turned warmer but not. 😅

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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