Saturday, January 27

260118 Australia Day in Gero 2018

The day before Australia Day I was pretty tired and sick at the same time. I felt real tired of working non-stop for the week in Childcare center. So I woke up the next day pretty tired and early on Australia day. To tell you guys the truth I was anxious and nervous of seeing him again. We have less conversation, less meeting up & less message for the past month. Anyway I got up early and cook pasta for the picnic.

It was a really simple picnic. The weather was great and we were all under the shade so it was not that hot too. A lot of people went to the beach since it was a festive season. Each of us brought few food for sharing

We all girls were particularly kept comparing our skin colors. Obviously I'm the darkest since I've always went outdoor at my childcare work. We all laugh out laugh, posing for photo which indicated whose the darkest & whose the fairest! 

After our scrumptious meal we packed up and had a walk on the foreshore, lots of antique cars, food vendors & activities for children to play. Baby Jacob was taught to touch my boobies! HAHA Her mom was like it's normal for him to touch. I was speechless but let it go since he's a baby. 😅 Later on we went separate ways and had a good rest before we start our working night.

We started work pretty slow and few customer. But when we planned to close soon people called up and turn up for some takeaway meal. We turn down few because they want to close the restaurant early so we can catch up with fireworks at 8.30pm. I finished work pretty early so I waited them to finish work so we can head to foreshore again. 15 minutes before the firework starts Amini & me quickly walk towards foreshore to meet up with them.

As soon as we arrived there the firework started. Lucky to met up with others too, so we sat down and watch the amazing fireworks! It has been awhile since I've seen any, unlike back in KK we can see few one without going out from our house because our neighbor would light up fireworks on certain festive occasion. I quickly took out my phone for some picture shot but my camera was too lousy. I enjoyed the firework from start till end.

While watching at the firework to light up the beautiful clear sky, I've made a small & simple prayer for 2018. To happiness, love, adventure and good health. 🙏 I was very lucky enough to have these life, so blessed in every way, sometime my anxiety & anxious could take me up but I know God will always be there and guide me through everything. 

Throughout the day I was conscious of him and myself towards him to be honest. I think he noticed it as well. We both really kept a distance this time. I was a little bit sad actually but if that's how we gonna do then we have to go for it until we both settle down for good in order for us to tell each other how we both feels. The worst thing about me when I liked a person was instead moving forward aggressively I took a step back instead. 

After firework session we head back to the restaurant since they were having dinner at there. So I went back and took my stuff and waited for my Aunt to pick me up. Since I've already ate dinner early Keith was kind enough to ask me to eat but I refused since I'm full. Somehow I was averting his eyes all the time. Never clearly look into his facial expression so I didn't know how to react, just like there's a wall between us. And usually we would sit together every single time but I decided not to. Clearly sending a clear path between us, its sad but I need to move on somehow while waiting for chances at the same time. Confusing heart.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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