Tuesday, January 9


2017 was a good year for me. I've been enjoying throughout the year although there's unhappy & sad moment but overall was perfect for me. Recap of what I've been doing for these whole year kinda took me a moment to remember. Looking back what I've been blogging and posting about sure does gives me some good memories about it. I still have lots of back dated blog post! This year I just want to make it simple, because wow it was a life adventure for me last year.

2018 is going to be only me. Making myself even better, independent and happier. Spending more time with family I have here. Focusing on my next visa that I need to prepare. Last year was all fun and amazing memories. This year too will be an awesome year for me to focus on what my first purpose of coming to Australia.

I am thankful and blessed to have supportive friends and family. Thank you guys for being part of my life and going through all the ups and down together strengthen us tremendously. Let 2018 journey be smooth sailing, amazing and blessed.

I 💗 You All
God Bless

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