Thursday, May 11

Albrolhos Island 090417

The night before our Albrolhos Island trip, I was working at the Indian Restaurant. As so I went home pretty late because it was a busy night as well. That night I was staying at Joanna's house because it will be much easier to go to airport together earlier in the morning. Back to Joanna's house after work we had awesome Indian supper. On the same night we were tiring as hell but insisted on doing eye lashes extention that night. It was even tiring but we still do it anyway. It took us 3 hours for the two of us to finish our both eyes. As a first timer it wasn't that bad but takes longer time. 

Anyway we woke up pretty early in the morning at 6.30am to get ready to be in the airport at 8am. We were all feeling sick and tired that time. Wasn't in a good condition due to lack of sleep but nonetheless we felt the thrill and excitement, can't wait to discover the island.

We were given introduction about the surrounding of the Island. Our flight trip includes a 45min of tour plus to Albrolhos Island. We were given a set of snorkeling equipment. Getting all pump up for the flight as well. Took picture with the group of people and our plane as well before we board in.

Can't go wrong with picture of view and in the plane.

It was pretty strong wind that day. The plane was literally shaking when we started off. The shake was pretty intense for me cause its making me sick. Not only making me sick, it feels like on the boat. Which pretty make sense cause the plane was a small chartered plane. Anyway the view was breathtaking, Gisele took few awesome picture using her camera so all pretty good one!

When we arrived to the Island, we walk about 10 to 15 minutes to the beach which was designated for people to watch the view and snorkeling. This Island trip package included a simple morning tea and lunch meal. Simple but all nice. After our morning tea we directly headed to one of the corner of the rocks where there's a tons of small oyster.We saw lots of opened and empty shells on the rock. So people pretty much tried to open it. 

We prepared well this time except for a hammer to break off the shell. It was really hard to open with only knives. I opened a few oyster, some were disappointment some were success. At least each of us tried one oyster. It was a good try! 

After our oyster picking session we head back to our deck to get our swimming gear for a photo taking session. Gisele pretty much trying her best to blow the float. Using all her energy and breath to make the float pumped. I felt sorry for her because she worked hard and I'm the first one to us it. HAHA So we took few pictures before we go for our lunch. It was in the noon. Scorching hot but the water and wind was pretty cold and chill. So it doesn't really making us feel hot. But the sun was definitely prickly. Dab even more sunscreen after few dip into the sea. 

After our lunch we head for a short walk nearby the cliff and took many amazing shots. The sea view were breathtaking! Can't even believe my eyes that time. We took about 30 minutes of walk because we were trying to head back to the beach for the last dip and swim before we head back to the plane again. While we were going to the cliff earlier we couldn't even see a wallaby but we saw one when we arrived back to the deck to get our swimming gear! Smaller version of kangaroo. 

Afterwards off we go for the last swim. The pilot was friendly enough to swim us to one of the part where in the middle of the sea there's a high level of sand. Its like sitting in the middle of the ocean. But we were quite afraid of the ocean when we couldn't reach our feet onto the ground. We weren't given life jacket so it was really unfortunate for us to return back to the higher ground. We're not a good swimmer and not quite used to the swimming goggles and our breathing skills weren't much good at it. So we took a short swim instead and took few more awesome photo. 

Nonetheless it was pretty sad for us to leave this beautiful Island. Haven't really enjoy the amazing view yet. The beach, view, ocean, everything was perfect and amazing! We were practically sleeping the whole way back in the plane. We got back to the airport around 3.30pm time and head back to home to have a rest. After a short rest we directly got ready and head to friends house to prepare for a BBQ session. It was pretty nice and awesome day and night for us. We enjoy the fun times together. It was lovely. More trips and adventure ahead. 💗

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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