Wednesday, May 24

160417 Easter Holiday Day 3

Excited as it gets we woke up early to prepare our Rottnest Island trip. I was practically wearing short in the beginning but everyone else wear long pants. As so I changed to longer wear and brought jacket as well, to prevent sunburn and cold wind. We headed to the Fremantle port and took the ferry to Rottnest Island. 

When we arrived to the port I practically took the car keys off from them while they were buying parking ticket. I went to the toilet and they were looking for me frantically in panic mode. They were nervous to missed to ferry. Never run off myself again HAHAHA. Anyway the sea was good we had snacks on our way to the island. Met a mom and a son there from Austria, her son was so cute, we literally gave him some of our snacks as he was looking at us eating some of it. So adorable of him. 

We had our brunch at Dome when we arrived there and rent a bike for 3 hours. Then we started our biking and stopped by few amazing scenery spot and took few photos. I mean tons of amazing photo. We just couldn't resist how breathtaking creation of nature. All the photo turns out pretty amazing but experience and look at the view itself was worth it! Photo can't 100% do it's justice. Experience it yourself! 

As we continue on our biking journey, we encountered people who fell off from the bike and injured herself. It was one scary image to see blood on her face and on the ground. We sure were reminded to be careful when riding the bike as the route are upwards and downwards. 

Saw Quokka while we head up to the light house. Joanna lure them with food HAHAHA Some of them fight with each other because we stop giving them food. We wouldn't want to get fine or caught giving food without permission. So we just gave few and stopped giving it further more. 

Sitting on top of the fence without support was no fun. I was literally wobbly, luckily the guys gave me support. I'm bad with balancing HAHA. While the light house was our last destination we need to rush back to the bike rental as we were out of time. We literally have an hour and half to return to the ferry and less than 10 minutes to return back the bike. Nurool and me head back the the town first as we took longer time to reach each part of the stop. 

So we bike back earlier without waiting for them. The three of them were fast so we were not particularly scared but when we arrived to the bike rental we still couldn't see them, they arrived later cause they turn to the wrong route. They had to turn back to where we went. The route we went was shorter than the first one we started but all was good. Even tho we returned the bike late for 30 minutes they didn't charge us extra fee. So it was all good.

We were on time for our ferry ride. On our trip back to Fremantle the wind and wave was so strong. The attendant was passing out vomit bag to us, on our way back to the port was horrible. But we slept our way back throughout the trip cause we were so tired from the long hours of biking session. After we arrived, we head to Fremantle market before it closed up. The guys were so tired they had their rest in the car. So we girls headed to the market and the street was lively full with performance. Afterwards we were debating where to eat. So we went to Nando's good chicken good food! HAHA we were hungry as well.

After our scrumptious dinner we had a short walk at Fremantle street. The night was as lively as ever. We join in the crowd and dance together with other people while the band was performing their amazing traditional song, we enjoyed the chilling night and took few photos while we can. It was our best last night in Perth. We were tired but so much fun occurred in one day. We head back to our apartment and end our night. We had our rest and pretty much chill all night. We had our best day and night ever. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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