Monday, May 8

140417 Easter Holiday Day 1

This was our best trip in 2017! It was only a short and simple trip but so meaningful and productive day for us. The day before our trip I was extremely busy with work! I'm having my school term holiday and been working real hard to earn money for my awesome trip! At first I wasn't planning to go but I decided to get my thick face on and asked to join the trip few months ago. Cause I need some holiday! 

As so our trip became the best of the best. I stayed over at my boss house so it will be easy for them to pick me up and go straight down to Perth. We started off pretty early. I woke up way too early because I was excited and sick. So I was in sick condition throughout the journey but so excited I couldn't even sleep at all. I was wide awake the whole time talking with the driver 😂😂😂

And took some secret photo shot to tease each other. Couldn't help it because I'm bored. When the other's asleep I do that as well HAHAHA. Plenty of junk food and tons of laughter during our car journey. But all we do was couldn't wait to arrive Perth!

As soon as we arrived we directly went to our hotel apartment to check in. The place was spacious enough for us 5 people to sleep even with two bed room. Everything was all good! Cleaned and nice for us to enjoy and relax our short time while we were deciding where to go. 

While we were waiting for the guys to take luggage at boss place we went to look for swimming pool and gym at the apartment, but unfortunately it was under renovation. So we took a stroll nearby the street and park. The weather in Perth was real good and chilly. It was pretty cold in Perth even tho its only mid April. While in Geraldton it's still hot. We had a nice late lunch at Taro Taro, since they were hungry.

As so we head back to our apartment, I got to call mom and we talked for long time until other friends arrived. We relax and chill because we were real tired. Then I went to shower and ready for dinner at night cause I was feeling really sick and tired. 

Squinty-eyes alert! hahaha 😑😑😑 Having the best dinner I couldn't get in Geraldton! So many choices and flavor to choose from. Having dinner at Ramen Samurai 🍜🍜🍜 where Kevin was working. Decided to go for that restaurant since we haven't met him for such a long time after he left Geraldton to Perth for studies. 

Good food and good tummy! 

Had our second round after our scrumptious dinner. Going back to the same dessert shop again since Nicole wanted to try. I was extremely exhausted that time and being a bit ridiculous. HAHA I went on giving a try to drive in Perth city for the first time. That was the craziest moment. I nearly go through red lights with the forced break. The traffic lights were real confusing here in Aussie. Still need to practice as much as possible.  

Went back to our apartment for the night. Got our beauty mask on before we sleep. I fall asleep while I was doing my mask cause pretty exhausting. I did some stretching as well to keep myself from getting cramps. Been sitting for way too long in the morning throughout the journey. It was pretty tiring and long journey, but all was good! Had so much fun and laughter. 

To be honest it was my first trip with guys as well. Usually my trip were either only girls or church members. No other guy friends who would join me or I would join them. Not to mention being with them makes me felt so safe. 😂😂 Oh so precious and unforgettable first day in Perth city! 💗💗💗 More post coming through! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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