Wednesday, May 17

150417 Easter Holiday Day 2

As we were sharing one bathroom with five people in the apartment, I've been the first one to get ready to use the bathroom. Cause otherwise I took so much time getting ready. I'm always the one who takes the longer time. I prefer to wait for people rather than people waiting for me. As so I'm the first one to get ready and waited for everyone. We start off pretty late in ended up from brunch to lunch instead. Shops were mostly close during Easter holiday. So one of the restaurant we intended to go did not open, so we head to other restaurant for lunch.

We had the most scrumptious breakfast a.k.a lunch on the second day in Perth! I couldn't believe how big the portion and the amount of food we ordered. It was a feast. It was so good too! I've been craving for a proper Chinese dimsum. There goes my diet on this trip!

After our amazing lunch we walk to nearby shopping destination. As we have the rest of the day shopping the guys were resting and took lotsa picture by themselves. We girls ended up shopping and I spend quite few of stuff too! I even bought my Lush bath bombs again after trying out one in Japan! Super in love with it.

We were supposed to go for the next destination which was Harbour town for our second place for shopping. Nonetheless we stopped by awhile to take few picture nearby cause the weather was amazing and the architecture of the Church building was amazing.

After our shopping session we head back to our apartment and get ready for our girls night out. Basically we're gonna have dinner with others first then we will head to club for our awesome night. 

Paparich for dinner! I'm so happy to get my craving satisfied after for so long. Actually I didn't crave that much asian food cause I basically can try the food while I was in Perth. I'm just glad that our night was awesome food, great company and amazing night.

That night after our dinner I bumped into one of my friend's sister. So much coincident. After our dinner we were still quite early for club, as club usually starts real late. Anyway we went into one of the club because its free entry. We stayed for only 10 minutes then we head off to male strip club. It was one of the most intense strip club I've been to but it was so boring to be honest. The guys does have the sex appeal but the way they act felt so gay to me. My friends love it but I did not enjoy it as much. 

As so we changed to our last location. The normal club we usually go back in the days, but of course all different kinds of people were there to enjoy themselves. I literally dance my ass out and enjoy as much as possible because its rare to go to club in Perth city. Small town like Geraldton is no fun compared to big city. I had blast dancing with them girls and some guys too 😏😏, some weirdo followed me where his genital keeps rubbing at the back of my ass (DISGUSTED but expected 😒😒😒), one of the guy gay group 👬👬 blocked us from getting close to them while we were closed to them, that was because it was crowded (we're not interested in you even tho you are good looking 😂😂😂)

As so our night ended with a blast! We went home around 1.30am in the morning. Couldn't stay longer as we have to get ready to go to Rottness Island. Joanna and me practically slept at 3am in the morning and woke up at 6.30am again. Anyway our night was the best of the best.  

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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