Thursday, June 1

170417 Easter Holiday Day 4

It was our last day in Perth for our holiday! We woke up pretty early and packed our stuff before the check out time. As we need to head back to Geraldton early as well because we were planning to stop by Nambung sand dune and Pinnacles. 

Because it was still holiday some of the shop were not open. So we change our location to PINCHOS it was the best brunch we had. I think it was Spanish restaurant. Happy tummy indeed.

While we were having our brunch we were waiting for Nicole, Janice and Tony to arrive as well. We were half way finished, so it was only a short while meet up session. After our brunch we drop Joanna off nearby city. It was real hard to bid farewell because I found my best friend. She is my sister. Trying not to cry in front of her but she couldn't resist and cried. All the good times we spend together just ended with a great memories. People do come and go, move on or go back to their own country to start a new venture ahead. 

We literally started our journey back to Geraldton pretty late as we stopped by somewhere for awhile. Then for at least 2 hours of car journey back we stopped by Nambung sand dune. We took pretty much tons of photo as you can see above. It was real windy, cloudy and cold that day. But I wouldn't and refused to wear any jacket because I want the picture to look good on me. While they were warm but I myself was literally shaking, trying to get nice shots of photo.

After Nambung sand dune, we directly head to Pinnacles, I kid you not. I'm literally freezing. While we arrived there I was asking them, 'Did they put or plant the rocks there?'. They were laughing at my ridiculous question. I was in awe struck actually to think it was all from nature because it seems impossible for this to happen. Nature are amazing creation.

While we were in Pinnacle, we did all sorts of dancing, jumping and laughing. People looked at us like we were crazy people. We just enjoy everything and record few videos. It was the best memories we created. It was fun. We were running and dancing towards the phone camera. Thinking back makes it funny enough for us to laugh about it. 

As so after all the crazy stunt we made in front of people we head back to Geraldton. Another 3 hours of car journey. We literally took 1.5 hours time in both Nambung and Pinnacles cause we just wouldn't want to leave without doing all sorts crazy and funny video, not to mention tons of photo!

Anyway we arrived Geraldton pretty late night as we rest half way and had dinner before we continue our journey again. The night view was really amazing. The sky was so clear at night I was mesmerized by the stars above. I kept on looking out from the window for the amazing view. Nonetheless it was real tiring and long journey especially for the driver! Pat on his back and thumbs up for the long hours of driving. For sure our next adventure would be even more fun and amazing! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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