Monday, September 12

What is marriage life?

Its been a busy day today. I finally felt so much better and not sick. Still have a mild flu and coughing tho. I went to creche today and take good care of children. One of the kid started his potty training right now. The grandmother told one of the lecturer that the kid need to be ask to go to toilet every 30 minutes so that he won't piss his pants off. So we took measure and ask the kid every 30 minutes but he wails and felt so uncomfortable. So as predicted he pissed his pants on the cushion. The lecturer and other classmate took care of it while I was busy cleaning and packing up all the toys. Creche today were busy as well and few other child care centre brought kids to the creche and make tons of mess today. It was hectic day I must say.

Went home as usual and saw Uncle's son car and knew that he brought the girls into the house. Went in and the air smells really bad. It smells like nail polish, I mean alcohol. Wine and hard alcohol is served. They had tons of laugh and chats as usual. I was just busy with my computers so I won't have to talk to them. I do need some time to get used to their conversation. I don't know what they are talking about. I joined in their conversation a bit later. Its not like I talk to them, mostly listening and answering few questions.

So they went off and I cleaned up the table. My uncle was drunk. Real drunk. My uncle start telling off my Aunt for being mean to him. LOL. They seems like arguing but in a soft voice. Cause I was there. It breaks my heart a little bit. It really breaks my heart. On the outside appearance it seems really lovely dovey but every couple will sure go through all good and bad times. So how do they make it works? That you have to really experience it through yourself. Those couple who go through all up and down together will always have each other but its hard to say. People change as time goes by. Deal with it and go through it. It's life.

I mean what is marriage life? What does it do? Can I eat it or drink it? It all depends on how you look at it. Different people have different ways and perspective. Think about it.

Till then
Cheers and God Bless.

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