Thursday, September 29

3rd Month in Geraldton

It took me long enough to visit the ST Xavier Francis Church in Geraldton. The main Catholic church in Geraldton. When I first arrived it was under renovation. The exterior of the building is gorgeous and beautiful but as I entered into the church everything feels a bit off. 

It looks so dark and the color inside was really off. Grey doesn't match with bright orange. I was just looking around the interior but I must say I can hardly feel anything mystical about the church. I just felt off and different. Maybe it is not the same way back home. But compared to any other I've visited few churches overseas it felt magical to me. 

Anyway had lunch beside the Church as there is a newly open restaurant. So we went there to try something new. Chip was the best meal of the day! hahahaha My burger was enormous but too bad the meat was tasteless. It was few weeks ago btw lol.

Now that I've been Geraldton for 3 months it felt like nothing. However, things happened a lot in between the period of time. I thought that I'm going to finish my Cert III earlier but it is so difficult to get it done when my supervisor is busy all the time. My unit gets harder when it reach the last two group especially the workplace assessment. Trying to do my best on theory assessment at home but as usual procrastinating at its finest! HAHA 

While I was doing my practical at my selected childcare centre for 2 months I've gotten their casual relief contract! I can work when they need a relieve staff! I really can't wait to get my Cert III faster so I can get more working hours from them! More working hours means more money, more money means I can pay my tuition fees and go travel FTS!

This year I've been to Japan and now I'm in Australia. To tell you the truth I'm so addicted to travel that I can't stop! I can't even save an amount of money for my future business plan. But already plan more travelling trip with different friends of mine. OH SHIT not to mention I'm going UK FOR 3 WEEKS! I'm currently saving up for my tuition fees and UK trip. I need approximately AUD7K, where the F* do I get all those money from? I just want to pray to God that I get more working hours at my childcare centre and the waitress job right now. Oh God Please! 

Cut my own bang and I regretted it after the second day. I am still in a love hate relationship with my bang right now. Sometimes it makes my face looks smaller sometimes it does the opposite. Acne even popped out on the 3rd day when I barely put my bang down. So I ended up pinned my hair as usual. The most horrifying that happened was my hair scalp is so dry my hair keep falling out more than I thought. Now I have a small patch of hairless spot. Luckily I can cover it up when I let my bang down. It is not that visible unless I show it to anyone anyway. Putting some medicine and moisturizer so it doesn't get too dry.  

Confessed to a guy that I loved for 4 years. Got an indirect rejection from it lol. Got over it faster than I thought. Then it comes to family problem. Now I hate people who loves alcohol and always on my guard on no matter what he does. It scares the heck outta me. I always thought that getting a white boyfriend and have a lovely marriage life is better than Asian people. In real life it sucks and they are all the same as Asian people, nothing different from it. Why bother anymore. I just hope that there are more gay guys so I can feast my eyes! HAHA JOKES!!

Till then
Cheers and God Bless!

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