Sunday, September 18

Eyeing a person who is younger

Yeah I confessed to a guy that I loved for 4 years. It was a real sad way to destroy our friendship. I was thrown into friend zone or maybe even lower than that. It hurts like crazy and it took me long enough to get over it. I was particularly went through it quickly than I thought. But I sometimes do missed him badly. It's part of unrequited side. 

I was determined to look for someone here in Aussie. It took me quite some time to find one because there is much more older guy than younger one. I went to one of the Gun Club yesterday and I spot one to my liking. Decent looking guy but much younger than I am. Both of us were definitely eyeing each other. As usual I was bad with guys, but I am quite fond of him. We did exchange few glances and he shyly walk towards us few time for the culcutter. 

He is quite tall for his age. I think that's how white people are. Tall and muscular at the age of 20 years. I cheered for him during his turn to compete. We both smile at each other, he is so cute and handsome for me. HAHA I just melted. So throughout the day my eyes are searching all over for him every where. It was like a hidden eye spot hide and seek.

I need a change. Instead of looking for someone to date and settle down early, I need a friend to hang out and talk with. I haven't had a good taste of men. Need to taste and experience some adventure with people who loves to have fun. I've been playing safe for quite awhile right now. Always on low self-confidence and avoid conversation with people. I need to step up the game. I wouldn't be able to meet more people with this level of attitude. 

Where the fuck is my Leo's confident????? I SAW AN ARTICLE FROM NASA SAYING ZODIAC SIGN CHANGED DATE. I'm still LEO btw AHAHAHAHA Anyway self confident is the key!

Till then,
Cheers and God Blessed.

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