Thursday, September 22

The Shoot 2016

The Geraldton Clay Target Club held their annual Crayfish shoot this year for few days. We went there on Saturday for the culcutter. Since my uncle was asked to help out for the event. It was my first time to witness such amazing competition. All the competitor were amazing! Good hand eye coordination during the shoot. Here's compilation photo on Saturday. 

We went there as well on Sunday to chill and commemorate the winners. It was the final shoot of the day we went there at the time for tea time. On our time to get some foodie and watched the last few shooters to compete. The award ceremony took around an hour and half, there were different categories from veteran to junior and 30 disk shoot to 100 disk shoot from each individual.

I was amazed to see how their time, effort and hobbies turn to something incredible. Their hand eye coordination are amazing, I don't think I could shoot like them. It takes them ages to train and join competition to improve themselves. 

Nevertheless I enjoy the event and got to see some eye catching good looking guys. So all win win situation for me. HAHA btw I need to get my ass off and do something instead of doing nothing at all. Having my school holiday for 3 weeks! Make use of my holiday for assignment and workplace assessment for time being. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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