Friday, September 9

Spring 2016

September 2016 this year marks the turning from winter to spring. I went to farm on Sunday afternoon. Along the way to the farm the scenery was amazing! Wild flowers are blooming, plantation farm was beautiful. 

It was sunny and beautiful day. The weather was nice and chill enough. Had picnic at the farm full of fly and bees. I kid you not. The fly was horrendous and very disturbing throughout the noon. Buzzing around non stop. As so on, I got sick because the season is changing. 

For now I'm feeling so much better after resting and not going to school. Took medicine and rest enough and lots of fluid to keep me energized. I'm in Aussie for 3 months right now. I lose some weight which is very good for me! Getting beautiful everyday except for my skin as the weather here is very dry. Need tons of moisturizer for my face. 

Yesterday 08/09 marks the best day for my girls! Diana finally tied knot after such long years of dating her boyfriend. It's a bittersweet moment for me because I'm sad for not being there and help her out but in the same time I've never felt so happy to celebrate such joyous day even tho I'm far from here.

Now that I'm feeling much better I'm gonna go back to where I'm suppose to do. Study and work. At first I thought that I would finish my study early for 1 or 2 weeks but doesn't look like it tho. The work placement assessment got me delayed for quite awhile. Childcare centre is busy with children each day I can barely do my workplace assessment at all. The supervisor doesn't have time to observe me at all. I have to go to the centre more often until my assignment is done.

Cousin's graduation is on next year July. I was planning to go since I was boasting everyone that I'm going to her graduation but it seems impossible! Do you know how much money I need for this trip? RM20K T.T OMG where do I get all these money? I'm currently working for my school fees but for UK trip is 100% impossible. I might just plan my trip to Perth city instead lol. Or just fly back to KK instead. I don't have to use so much money for that. Still planning tho so still to early say. HAHA

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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