Tuesday, August 26

Whatcu doing?

I don't know where to start. Work have been okay so far. It was also my first time bringing back work to home. It is not fun. I used up my entertainment & leisure at night just to finish up the deadlines I have. I'm not sure whether this is called hardworking or I'm just scared I'd get scold for not completing my task. I felt irritated for not completing my work properly in last minute time.

I wonder how manga/anime stories makes the wonder. These particular stories always have their hardworking main character that manage to solve all the problem, of course with effort and overnight workload. Now that I apply some of manga theories in real life. It does make sense in a way. Hardworking makes a success result, but its a lot harder to dealt with it. 

"Life's a tune, that will always change." Till we go by Clara C. Sometimes it be sad, happy, anger or like a roller coaster ride.There's a lot of things going around, not sure if I could handle the sudden roller coaster ride. I'm tired.


Oh I went for DPP(Digital Photo Professional) class last weekend. IT WAS MIND BLOWN! Not really lah, but knowledge added up! Yay for me. I finally knew how to use RAW image which wouldn't spoil the resolution but to enhance the picture even better. My life feels complete with these knowledge, cause I've been really frustrated with jpeg resolution especially the editing part which crack up my image. 

But now that with this software I'm invincible!! lol not really. I still have to go through proper training & practice to improve myself. DETERMINATION! Going for basic class on Oct 4 btw. Canon is having these basic, essential or DPP class every occasionally. So check out their website if you wish to join their class to improve yourself in photography! I felt so happy when I'm involved with photography! Dream & passion is just important as it is. 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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