Monday, September 1

Moving forward.

Its been an overwhelming month of August! From my new job environment, birthday & my part time as freelance photographer. I'm so thankful for everything that happened right now. As for my job, its been great, I really love the environment that make me work harder than the previous one. It motivates me even more when people is stabbing me behind right from the start lol. No matter how high or low is our position held in a company there's always people stabbing you unconsciously. I found this company quite a laughing stock for me. People here really work hard but they really like to back stab anyone when they have chances. 

Cause the amount of work & pressure we are accepting, so taking advantages when there's chances. I always try to shut my mouth whenever I can. I hate talking about my private life to my colleague, it irritates me. That's why I always shut my mouth but only talk once a while is okay, that's' the environment I wanted. Peaceful even tho the amount of stabbing is a lot. I don't mind as long as it doesn't really hurt me in real life. I let go without hard feeling even when I did nothing wrong in my job. If I did mistake I accept the fact & apologies. I don't back stab without any reason. Funny people. 

For my birthday, I finally hit 22. Casual family dinner, birthday wishes from friends & family. 22 sounds young but I feel old. I try not to feel old cause physically I will look old. Its just that my thinking was a little bit too matured for these age lol. I made wishes on a candle without a cake by myself. I never really celebrate my birthday with cakes except when I was younger & on my 21st birthday so don't judge me. Just a candle to make wishes is enough on my birthday hahaha. 

I have been loving my part job as photographer so much. Best part was we are getting a lot more client than we expected. And that is definitely a blessing! Not to mention my partner who is good in socializing! She's the best for getting client. My partner do most of the talking cause I can't talk properly. I just nod or agree or gave few suggestion. I just can't speak out as a salesman, need to improve on that matter but we have been improving & learning a lot, so that we could provide our services professionally. 

Upon meeting up with client & agreed on our package is really amazing. We are stepping up becoming better & known to others as well. I hope by the time it passed longer, part time will become full time! Finger crossed! I want to let people know that nothing is impossible! At first my family was pouring salt on my passion towards photography but gradually letting go & accepted it. I'm really happy right now despite being all depressed before. Moving forward is the hardest but rewarding! Staying true for what I've always wanted will definitely getting a fruitful result. 

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Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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