Thursday, August 14

Wedding sample shoot Part 2

Please view my previous sample shoot HERE!
The second sample shoot was also taken together with my 1st couple sample shoot.
It was hectic in scorching hot sun.

We had good laugh & brainstorming posses for as perfect couple & solo bride.
We did a lot of location search for the perfect pose but it ain't easy. 
We even have to think about over lighting by the sun, the dirty beach, pose, time & etc.
 So I ended up discarding some of picture that doesn't even need to be seen lol.

Oh btw I'm happy that my schedule note book is fulled with new notes & errand.
I'm super excited to meet up with client & show some of my nicer photobook.
Not to mention we are having new promotion soon.
Promotion will be up on our FACEBOOK so stay tune & check us out!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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