Wednesday, July 16

Langkawi Day 4 : Eagle Statue & Back to Penang

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It was our last day in Langkawi.
We had few hours of free time early in the morning so basically
we went to Langkawi International Airport for a short tour. 
Actually we went to airport because aunties have to add on extra luggage 
5 days trip its already a chaos, not to mention the amount of luggage add on.

We're enjoying the weather and scenery at our resort,
some of the aunties were enjoying their short swim
before we head off & get ready to the Ferry port.

Before we went to the Ferry port, our last stop was to visit the Eagle statue.
Its only less that 5 min walk to the Ferry port.

The sun was really hot that day cause its around 12pm in the noon. 
Scorching hot sun but the clouds & sky were really beautiful. 

Best shot for Langkawi's trade mark. 

Having lunch at Kenny Rogers.
Worst lunch ever. 

Not to mention, we had the most horrible ferry ride back to Penang.
The sea was really rough that day. 
Sea sick to the max. I didn't vomit tho, I took medicine before hand. 
At night we had dinner & go for more shopping.
Since its gonna be our last night in Penang. 
Last night was absolutely the most hardcore ever.
 Have to walk, shop & eat everything until we're satisfied.
And we have to pack all our stuff into our luggage. 
Best night lol.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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