Tuesday, February 4

February 2014

Ohhhhh Hiiiiiiiiii Everyone! As you all know we just celebrated Lunar Chinese New Year on the 31st Jan & 1st of February. It was amazing! All the yummy food and snack all week long. I am sure everyone of us gained weight. Not to forget red packets from relatives and married friends!  

I went back to my Dad's hometown in Sandakan. It feels like I'm in a time zone difference. Or should I say, everything happened in a blink of eye. I couldn't catch up with the date and time, totally confused about it. But basically we did the same thing all over like previous years of CNY. Food I eatI made amazing Pan Mian Ever!, except that we didn't eat Tang Yuan this year :( You can read it on How to Make Glutinous Rice Balls on my last year's post!

It was really a casual and normal CNY for me. I didn't get to visit my church member's house during CNY. They are having so much fun except me. T__T Oh well I still get lotsa red packets from relatives :P 

So I'm back to normal working life and I seriously hate it. I must work even harder so that this current company doesn't want me to leave. LOL But when I found a better job I will not hesitate and leave. Overall it is still manageable and acceptable. All I need now is to travel non stop. Anyone wanna sponsor me? hahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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