Thursday, February 13

JustBerry @ Suria Sabah

To tell you the truth, I've always wait for at least half a year to try out the food which is newly opened. It took me really a long time to try out when almost all of my friend tried it already long time ago. You just couldn't resist cold shave ice with vanilla ice cream in the hot scorching summer.

But this Durian shave ice is so different! I used to tasted overly preserved durian paste. This was totally different I could literally taste the rich creamy durian. It smells so pungent even the after taste repellent. It means good stuff! hahaha

For those who doesn't like Durian you may choose their mango. Creamy mango juice smothered on their shave ice with mini pearl and fresh mango and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. This mango was a little bit sour since it wasn't from the local one but the vanilla ice cream and shave ice balance it up the taste. It is so good! A little bit of sweetness and sourness taste. Craving for this again! 

Do visit when you have the chance to!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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