Friday, February 14

Happy Valentine Days & Chap Goh Mei

I guess being in a relationship or not is just the same. They spend their day and night with their significant but I spend with my parents. Its just a really normal day for everyone who is single unless they think otherwise. For me, I somehow or usually would felt jealous with those who is in relationship. My nature. There's good and bad whether in a relationship or not. 

So everything depends on that person actually. I won't lecture all of you with all sort of guide being in a relationship or how to avoid being forever alone during these types of festive season. All I could say that whether I'm single or in a relationship I'm blessed no matter what. I'm spending my day with parents everyday makes me happier. 

On the other side note : I'm still single. My colleague received these beautiful roses from his boyfriend, so as a colleague I'm using this as a prop to prank people in facebook!! HAHAHA Sorry! :P

Anyway time flies way too fast. Even though today is Valentines Day it is also the last day of Chinese New Year. I want more holiday, feeling so stress right now. So much work to do lately. I just cannot wait to go for my vacation. I need at least 1 month of break. I miss being a student. Oh well money wins. LOL 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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