Monday, December 30

2 weeks of Caroling

Let the picture do the talking here :)

It was 2 weeks before the month of December. I went to church on Sunday with Mom. It was the day my life started to changed. The church finally decided to have caroling session this year. It was really unexpected and I was really happy. I am so glad that Mary was willing to fetch me for practices at night. Mary and I live nearby and since we live quite far away from the church, at least both of us were together as companion during the night. Everyday I anticipate the arrival of practices, learn new songs and prayers. 

And the day of caroling has finally arrived! Even though it was raining almost every night when we're caroling, everything runs smoothly and successfully. A lot of houses we visited gave us great hospitality and keep feeding us with delicious food and drinks. Were so thankful for that.

There's one house that gave me the most strong impression. It was an old grandpa sitting in the wheelchair accompanied by his wife listening to what we were singing and prayer. While we we're singing I was looking at the grandpa all along. I saw his teary eyes, he was touched and I am touched. I went all teary as well. He was really happy to see us visiting him, so happy that Christ has brought us to his house and pray for his health. 

Every time we went to different household, I pray that God will protect them and bless them abundantly. 
And I realized that we're so blessed with everything we had, so blessed that we're alive and living healthily.I am so grateful with everything I have now. I don't ask for more I just wanted to live happily and healthy with my parents. 

Nonetheless our bonding time with all the church members was the most precious time. We were united as one to spread the good news of Christ. We had fun, we create great memories and we were united as one. They teach me how to be young again. hahahaha I feel more childish with them of course. I feel more youthful lol. It was awesome and amazing. I had blast with them!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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