Wednesday, January 8

Christmas Day 2013 Edition

I guess I'm a lazy bum bum right now. Its not too late to post this I guess. I still have Christmas spirit even though its 2014 already! I cannot believe its already January 2014! Time flies way too fast right now. This post was all about the happenings during the Christmas week and Christmas Day itself.

The week before Christmas, after Church we went to meeting room and start out packing as a Christmas gifts during Christmas Day! Everyone of us finished packing within 1 hours time. So fast and efficient. Way back then, it took us 1 whole day to pack it up. But of course the gifts consist of snacks only.

Picture with soon to be Father Deacon Mitchely!

During the Christmas Day at Church! Everyone of us doll up pretty for this festive season! We sang Church song with all our hearts out. It was awesome pawesome! Super happy to get more gifts that day! I look super slim above the picture! I think my body double by now T__T

At night we had Youth Christmas Party! It was even awesome! We had great food prepared by Aunty and all the drinks from the caroling. We even sang and pray and gave few speech about our experience from Caroling! Super awesome night bunch of awesome people! Love them lots. They make me happier and lots of laughter together as one. Sorry for the blur picture, all grab from people's phone. hahaha

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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