Tuesday, December 24

Life Is Boring Without Them

What could possibly be doing if I don't have these people in my life. When we grow up we tend to choose the one who is loyal and best to you. They are my helpers, they makes me happy aside from my family, they listen to my intended pun, even I don't usually talk about my problem I always feel happy being just around them even when we're not talking. 

I still do have few bff from primary and high school as well, but I spend with them more often. At least once a month or planning for a sister trip. It was so much fun around with them. Even sometimes there are misunderstanding or short argument, we apologize and make it up. 

I will cherish this moment and I'm glad and happy to meet both of you in my life! I cannot wait to attend both of your wedding, seeing their children growing up and still be friends when we're old. Of course I want to have both of you and other friends to witness my marriage as well. I'm really waiting for this to come. I can't wait to grow old with these people and become part of my family as well. 

They are my part of my 1/3 life's. 
I love you Carrie & Diana <3
Lotsa loves from Voomei! 

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