Tuesday, November 6

Seasons Of The Year

Every year during the earlier month of September to end of November is the fruit season in Malaysia as well as monsoon season (BOOOOO!!!). I'm a bit disappointed this year because there's not much local fruit selling during this fruit season. Maybe because of the monsoon season (Raining season).

Trees can't bare fruit during monsoon season, all the flowers were mostly dead. So local people who plant fruit can't harvest a lot this year. Which means the price of the fruit were ridiculously expensive. Especially Durian.

Durian is what Malaysian truly love about. It is also known as King of Fruit. We Malaysian like it because of the texture and the strong smell that all the airport and hotel forbidden this fruit to be in their territory. HAHA
If a person dislike like the smell then they would never like it mostly foreign people but this is what Malaysian loves.

Recently there's a statement where everyone shares about banana should be eaten ripe especially that has black spot on the banana skin. I've always eat banana that is ripe enough. Ripe banana taste better than on the way of ripe-ing. hahaha

I've been craving for local fruit for like so long. Luckily my supervisor is generous and bought fruit for us at least once a week! I iz happy!! :D

My supervisor bought Tarap today! The whole office smells bad. HAHA My dad doesn't eat this because he said it smells like pee pee. :O Its true especially when it was kept in an air condition room. The whole room smells bad.

Who doesn't love fruit right!? Especially local fruit! I love them you love it!? Never try?? Try it! Haha

God Bless and Cheers!

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