Friday, November 23

Deepavali 2012

Seasons greeting!! HAHA Not yet Christmas please but soon. This particular year that I will never forget which was this year's Deepavali! A very happy day indeed because my Yee yee (Known as mom's younger sister) flew back to KK and visited us for 5 days. Were having a family gathering. So good to have a small family gather once a while. She bought us chips and smoked salmon! Yummy (I'm munching my chips :P )

Oh another thing on Deepavali day! I GOT WORK ON HOLIDAY! WTF!!! I spend my holiday working or should I say sitting in the office for 9 hours doing nothing. Some more internet down that day. Super bored please. Mad Die Me that day. But somehow I'm excited because I get to drive alone to work! haha 

Like finally I have the chance to drive alone to work. No car some more. I'm still a newbie in driving please especially manual. On the way back home I mati engine for like 10xxxxxxxx man!!! I still can't stop laughing when I remembered and also when I told my parents. They already expected mati engine but not as much as 10 times. HAHA Hi I'm a Kopi O License! Nice to meet you all! Drive safely because I just registered as Kopi O License! :D

God Bless and Cheers!

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