Wednesday, November 21

Zumba Fitness Party for Charity

Got free ticket to Zumba Charity organized for Sabah Society for the Blind. It's my first time ever going to Zumba with mom. I've never join Zumba before so I'm excited! My mom was even excited than me. She wanted to go to Zumba class but quite expensive for each class.

Anyway! I was all prepared for the Zumba session! Music was up and everyone started the Zumba session. Basically were late. Haha

Charity always not filled with people. Most of the company bought a few tickets and gave it to their workers as charity. Some of them were real Zumba dancer!

Oh for the special guest Stacy from AF Season 6. She's the special guest of the night and what she do was casually dance and sang one of her song also other's song for like 30 minutes!? I don't even know who she was until I Google'd up. Really paiseh leh. I don't even know she was a Sabahan till I searched it. -.-

So I've been sitting down whole night and take picture. All the picture blurred out since I zoooooooooomed full blast and I didn't even took a picture of Stacy. ahaha Overall the party was okay. Maybe because I'm not a Zumba lover. Those who loved it sure really enjoyed. :)


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