Saturday, August 18

My thoughts

Yes every year people celebrate their birth day. It show's your age. The years you've live in this world. People like me or anyone else would celebrate with friends or family. I myself mostly spend my birthday with my family.

Even if I celebrate with my friends it would be just a simple outing day. Went out for lunch and shopping, chit chatting. That's usually for me. Other's would received surprise from others.

In my life I've only receive once surprised from my uncle. I went to KL for a vacation with grandma. My uncle purposely asked me to go downstairs to fill up the water bottle for grandma. He insisted me when he's going down to the kitchen. haha

So while I walked down the stairs and reached the kitchen my aunt and relatives surprise me with a Birthday cake. I'm stunted and it really touched my heart by the fact that they make just a simple surprise for me. I almost cried it out when they sang birthday song to me but I have to tahan lah. hahaha Since another relative was watching and staying with us too. That time it was my 18th birthday.

A simple surprise really can make a difference for anyone. After that surprise I've never receive a surprise anymore since I've always went out for dinner with family. I miss cake, candle, surprise and birthday songs.

How I wish I can have it every year so I won't make wishes on my bed while I'm praying.

Each and everyone has different wishes. Yes my wishes are typically different than others or maybe not. When I was young I thought that we would have 1 wishes but I've heard that we could make 3 wishes.

So I've been making 3 wishes every year. The most important wish will my 1st wishes. I've always think carefully what I've wish for because it somehow really came true.

I hope this year's 20th Birthday wishes will dream come true.

God Bless.

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