Thursday, September 20

Feast your eyes on this.

New gadget is in the town! Meet the Sony Xperia Ion, the brand new phone you’re guaranteed to be lusting over. 

By liking their Sony Mobile MY you can experience a whole new different level. Instead of introducing in a formal way they made it in a FUN way!

First of all you have to like their page in order to Play their game. It's HD Play & Seek

The Game of course has rules and instruction. Super fun and easy to understand.

Just follow their instruction and play the game. Every stage you have to find gadget that it requires to go through next level. 

Each level of completion. It automatically introduce Sony Xperia Ion. How cool is that!? Get the chance to know more about Sony Xperia Ion in a fun way today by liking their PAGE now!!

Check out the Sony Xperia Ion today and prepared to be wowed by all the power-packed features in this sleek package!

For more info check it out HERE!!

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