Saturday, February 24

261117 St Xavier Cathedral

Ever since I've arrived to Geraldton I haven't attend Sunday mass in Catholic church. I've been to Lighthouse church ever since. I mean I don't have friends who were there so I did not go for their mass session. I went there solely for a short visit and praying with him. 

I think it was on Saturday evening we went there. Thinking the church opens early so we went into the church for a photoshoot. I mean I did pray as well but it was so awkward when he asked me to pose in the middle of aisle. People started to turn up for the mass session. If I were to wear long pants I would attend the mass but I was wearing shorts. Definitely not appropriate for that.

So we went outside of the church for more photo shooting session. We were in the middle of the church. I'm sure the Priest that conducted the mass definitely saw us taking photo like a crazy tourist. We also took a hand photo together! HAHA it was so funny and awkward later on. I'm like literally arguing with him so that he could send me the hand photo which 100% refused. It was his face with only my hand. BUT THERE'S STILL MY HAND IN THE PHOTO. Anyway I didn't get the photo. He demolished the evidence probably. HAHA

Afterwards we went back home and have a rest.
Cooked dinner, watched movie and sort out the photo.
Not a really exciting day but fun enough. 😏

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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