Thursday, March 1

021217 Summer 40*c

I was practically laying on my bed, the weather was pretty hot that day which caused me becoming drowsy and need more sleep. But they woke me up a.s.a.p cause we were planning to go for a swim with baby Jacob in the pool. But they were late almost noon which was even hotter than expected. It felt like in the oven. So we waited them at Jaffle Shack. 

Just woke up faces! hahaha In the end we didn't went to the pool. So we decided to go to the beach for a swim and brought the kayak! As so we asked Ian to join us since he like beach more than pool. We packed all our stuff and even brought volley ball & gopro. 

We were really bad with volleyball like literally just picking up balls.

My first kayak session! It was wobbly and scary! The others went deeper to the sea but I was just enough in the middle where they can swim to reach me. I was a bit terrified to be honest cause it was really scary for me. I went for few more minutes of kayak before went for a swim. The water was cold enough to keep us cool, while the weather was amazingly hot. 

We enjoyed our beach side approximately 3 hours. It was really nice and hot weather for a swim! A lot of people went for a swim as well since the weather was pretty hot. Afterwards we went back and have a short rest before we went to work.  

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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