Monday, February 19


For the past week we were kinda full on having lunch, dinner and awesome day! We got to meet up with Justin before Nicole they went to Perth for her Birthday & Valentines day. Catching up with Justin with everybody and also to surprise Nicole on the Birthday!

We were very busy on Valentines day! It was actually Keith's Birthday as well! For us it was working night & crazy night as well. I didn't join them for dinner since I need to pick up Nurool from Indian Sunset so afterward head straight to Jade House so we could cut cake with Keith.

The day before CNY which was Lunar 30, I was actually hanging out at the restaurant in the afternoon. Then suddenly we were asked to take photo to put it on the Restaurant's website. I wasn't going to participate since I wasn't wearing black shirt but got asked & they edited out my childcare logo on my shirt 😂😂😂 The next day on CNY Day 1 they totally forgot to ask me to come over dinner at the restaurant! They didn't notice my existence until they started to have dinner! HAHA Anyway I missed out delicious dinner with them! 😓

CNY Day 2 Drove to town and pick up Nurool to buy some ingredient for our Yee Sang! Got called from Hyman to meet up with others because Minji was going to move to the City 😭😭😭 Just a short meet up with them then we head back for a short rest before going to work.

CNY Day 3 Yee Sang day! We prepared the ingredient yesterday night & decorated it in the morning! Too bad when we arrived Hyman went to meet up with other friends! Couldn't join us for Lou Sang! While we waited for others to come Keith awesomely brought fresh Salmon from the shop! We didn't have Salmon fish to begin with but eventually got one! Awesome day tbh.

Baby Jacob literally joined us Lou Sang because he was way too naughty to be left alone. So we let him join us! He was adorable playing with food, considering him as an adult lou sang with us. We wouldn't be made at him tossing the food around! HAHA 

We kinda have fun even though such a short while. Some of them doesn't even know what was Yee Sang until we brought them this and let them know! Cause Yee Sang was mostly celebrated in Malaysia & Singapore people! Its consider as Prosperity dish to celebrate on the 7th day of CNY , as the day human was created. But nowadays we had this dish at any CNY day.

Afterwards we head back to Nurool's house for a rest before working again. I decided to go early to the restaurant with Nicole, as we arrived to the restaurant I saw his car parked at the back of the library. I went into the library thinking of looking for him but I decided not to disturb seeing him concentrated on his studies. I went to borrow a computer in the library instead and read my exam question. He saw me when he went to the toilet, so he asked for help in the exam question. Had a short while in library then we went to dome cafe before I start my work.

How weirdly when he said he refused to go out alone with a single girl like me, but also decided to asked me to accompany him before I start my work. At least we talked through how we were going for exam next month. I don't understand him, not even one bit. Oh well.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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