Thursday, February 15

191117 Photoshoot Day

We had this random day where the boys wanted to do a photoshoot session with Nicole. They told Nicole earlier about going to photoshoot session but I just tagged along since I have nothing to do. Beside Nurool just moved into her new house and tons of stuff to do so she couldn't join us for photo shooting session.

We went to look for flowers that bloomed nicely. Ended up bumping to Fei Fei cause she saw us on the neighborhood. It was kinda embarrassed cause we were on the side of road, cars drove past us looking weirdly at us. HAHA

As for me I was the photographer assistant. Basically carrying their stuff, not to mention scorching hot weather to began with. Sweating like crazy. While they were taking photos I was selfie-ing so I'm sort of part of the model in it. HAHA

I'm enjoying my nice cold ice cream HAHA

The guys worked pretty hard on this. Trying to make Nicole posed tons of poses. She was stiff!! Couldn't get the photo they wanted but she nailed it off later with less crowd on the beach. Sam literally took off his shirt cause it was way too hot for him to wear clothes, while Hyman was wearing double clothing to avoid sun. HAHA 

How I missed our random days together.
We no longer have these time together anymore. 
We all moved on to our own pace and path ways.

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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