Monday, October 2

110617 Burnt Barrel Outback & Lavender Valley Farm

This post was way back before I went to my UK trip. Definitely a long overdue blog post for this. It's back where we decided to go have lunch at Burnt Barrel Outback. For them it was their first time but it's my second time since I've been there. 

We ordered 3 big platter and shared among us. It was definitely a huge meal for 8 of us. But it was all worth to share with everyone. All was real good food and good atmosphere. 

These were our expression when the photographer told me to cover up my fatness. 😓😓

I wore tongs that day and the ground was full of prickle seed. It was a horror to walk.

We took tons of photo after our scrumptious lunch. We had a short play outdoor with other children. Afterwards we walk at the side of grape yard to a little photo taking session. It wasn't really a cold day that day. We all wore a little bit thicker for the weather, sweating a little bit but all was good.

Lastly we had another short stop at Lavender Farm. It was only for awhile. We ordered some dessert and play come chess game. 3 vs 1. I was winning in the beginning but then the guys surpassed my expectation! HAHAHA. They got the hang of it playing chess.

Till then,
Cheer & God Bless.

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