Wednesday, October 11

210817 August Baby Birthday Bash

Our Birthday party was the biggest and the best of the best! I have never really do a big party before. But thanks to Nurool for making this awesome! We wouldn't made it without team work! Basically we did a lot of preparation for the party, from the decoration, food selection and arrangement for the day. I practically skipped class to help do all these preparation. 

These was our decoration! Our theme was black and gold! 
Making sure we fit the theme we have lots of lucky draw session and also best dress award.

Basically I took the opportunities to take lots of photo with the guys! Because that's where I felt privilege and best of the best. I mean I felt like I'm concurring the male world 😂😂😂 but not at all. Luckily the weather was great, no raining and not windy. 

The Jade House ladies! 

Lets Cheers!


The Queen 💗

Stamp a little kiss on your cheek 💋

August Baby Birthday Bash! Except for Nurool but oh well 😂

The party went on smoothly except for the part where we need to choose the best dress for the kids. We drag too long for that part and its getting real late by that time. As so we ended the best dress for adult quicker so we could end the party faster. Great that people enjoy the food and the event. It was my first time organized and prepared these big event. I even landed a new job, Emcee at that night. HAHA 

This was definitely our last big party, because next year some of them were leaving, and may not see each other for long time. This will be part of our biggest and happiest memories we created. It was a real moment that we enjoy and spend together even tho it was only a short time. Good and happy memories to be remembered. I love all of them so much, all my precious people that I encountered in this short period of time. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

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