Monday, October 2

170817 25th Birthday

Had early birthday dinner with my Aunt the day before. 
A simple and nice dinner to celebrate my birthday.

I'm so happy that I got to hang out with my girls before we started our work at night. 
It was a really simple day for me. Received lots of wishes and awesome cake at work too!
I'm so glad & surprised that they gave me a cake!

When I reached home This is what I got for my Birthday again. 
My Aunt has been asking me to eat some cake but I refused her few times before.
But when I saw this cake I ate a slice and appreciate it. 

This was my second year celebrating Birthday overseas. I have been celebrating my Birthday back home since I was born. Nonetheless this year was another new year for me. I am 100% blessed and grateful for all the years and time being born. I am sure I was blessed abundantly with all the love from everyone. All the people I'm surrounded was kind and happy to have me. All the people that I met are the best. I just want to Thank God, through my ups and down, being there for me guiding me to the right path, showing me ways and opportunities ahead, all the precious memory, abundant love you have given me. Please continuously pour all Your blessing to me, letting me grow under Your guidance. Amen!  

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

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