Sunday, October 8

200817 Canola Farm and Lavender Farm Outing

We had the most spontaneous trip to Canola Farm and Lavender Farm Outing with bunch of them. We decided to go flower viewing because it was the season. Everyone of us were pretty excited to go and it was my first time too! As so I got ready and went to Nurool's house to meet up with them. As soon as they saw me wearing jeans jacket they all decided to wear as well. I find it real funny because we were like a bunch of weirdo with matching outfit. 

And the fact that Nicole and Justin everyone of us were in jeans clothing! We have the most funniest and coincidence moment. We all had a scrumptious meal but really not a fan of their breakie choices, still preferred their lunch menu they offered. Anyway afterward they bought coffee and we all head straight to Canola Farm.

Became an impromptu pre-wedding photoshoot.

Me being the funniest and craziest!! 😂

Us three girls, the trio! 

The view was amazing! The clouds wasn't really appealing but all was good!

Our group photo! We were so matching! 

We then had a short stay at the Lavender Farm. Took some of the photo's. Thankful that the weather was great and we all had the best of all. The flowers were blooming gorgeously. While all those we had the greatest photoshoot session. We went back to town early because we had to get the speaker for the next day big birthday party! Getting ready for all the stuff! Good day for us to catch up what we've been missing lately. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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