Wednesday, February 24

Productive Day

Sometimes I wonder if my customer is always right or $$$ for the win? Before CNY we got a message from our existing client. It was so suddenly for us as the next 3 days I'm heading back to Sandakan for a week. Even if we did the shooting I wasn't able to polish any picture. So we get back from CNY mood & did a shooting session on Monday.

The night before shooting I was at a church event as well. I am the photographer for the night as usual. Supper session after the event ended & went home around 11.30pm. Woke up at 5.30am to get ready for shooting session. It was tiring as hell. 

Supposed to start at 9am but shooting session began from 10am to 4pm. Setting up & make up takes longer time. Not punctual to time, took longer than usual. Had a little short break in the middle to replenish energy. 

Headed to gym directly after shooting session. I couldn't do as much, I was only stretching & did some tabata & boxing. I was so tired & my back was aching so badly. Especially boxing non stop for 30 min was a terrible idea. I felt great punching tho. HAHA My arm hurts badly.

Head back to apartment & took a short nap, since we were exhausting & tired from running around all day. Getting ready for dinner at Hardrock. I wasn't that happy cause the others didn't join us for dinner. Missing some fun & action from them.

Head back to apartment, took some selfies but only last for few minutes. Too tired to have more fun. Indeed a productive day. Woke up early as usual the next day & head back home. We had fun but we spend quite amount of $$$ that night as well. Its expensive to have fun I must say. I need to save a bit since I'm going to Japan on April! I am so excited! 

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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