Saturday, February 13

Right Time Right People

After I was writing a new blog post I'M NOT MOVING ON few minutes later, I encountered such a best feeling ever. I have never felt so motivated & blessed before. As I was feeling frustrated & dejected an opportunity came in with a blink of an eye. With this opportunity I immediately felt so blessed & tears of joy just went down. 

I am glad that I chatted with one of my friend who is still in Aussie. She was incredible & it motivates me to live my life to the fullest. 'Live my life to the fullest' was part of my goals after my high school life. I've been living in a frustration for so long, for almost 6 years of not knowing where my goals were. 

I really Thank God for making this opportunity here. I am going to grab this opportunities & live my life. I was so into money & future ahead I'm losing faith & stressing myself so badly. I have no idea of what my future hold, yet I already started to struggling at such young age. People around me started to settle down, having a stable job, own their own property & money. I was one of them. But I was so worried all about this I forget the life I always wanted to live for. 

I wanted to live in a stress free life, a small job where I can have food on my table, a small & warm shelter, a little saving for some entertainment or emergency. That's all I was hoping for. I wont go for any high expectation or being in a luxurious life. Carefree life is all I yearn for all along. Learning new things, experience something I have never tried & most important to discover my inner self & purpose of life. I will be living my life in a better way now. 

Thank you God, I know You have been leading the way that I've always wanted. Thank You!

Cheers & God Bless

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