Wednesday, May 6

Ciloryain solo shoot

I just upgrade my camera not long ago. 
So I'm keen on testing out the camera.
Previously I'm using 650D for all wedding and others outdoor shooting.
I was never keen to accept any actual wedding cause it really terrified me.
Not to mention 650D is not par up to that level for actual wedding shoot.
I decided to change and get a new one 5D Mark II. Not really a new one, 2nd hand.
I convinced myself that once I've master using 5D I'm going to get my own.

Testing shoot below!
*Heavy breathing*


I like the fact that its full frame, AF point focus on object that I really want.
Each photo has peripheral illumination.
Not to mention the owner sold me wide angle lens, external battery& flash altogether. 
It was overwhelming! I haven't test out flash yet.
OMG compact flash are way too expensive. I literally cried T.T 
I was like in shocked to found out that compact flash literally cost me a bomb.
I need tons of CF card especially when it comes to actual wedding.
We don't wanna miss a thing. LOL
Hoping that everything goes on smoothly and well.

Cheers & God Bless!


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