Saturday, May 30

Mcnally & Lily Pre-wedding

We just ended our actual wedding for Mcnally & Lily two weeks ago.
It was extremely overwhelming and exhaustion. It was a life time experience. 
We did pre-wedding session with them as well.
They were fun and easy going couple I must say!

All I could say that we were still a bit of  immature in handling some situation.
I gave too much direction during my actual photography session
because I couldn't find the feel or the right spot.
As if I'm not give it all to the event. I don't feel inspired at all.
I've looked into all the photos for actual wedding its a bit disappointing.
There's not one picture that I've like. Its too normal or too bland for my taste.
I need to improve for my actual wedding event!
Work hard play hard!
Its holiday in Sabah & Sarawak today till Monday!
Gonna have some blast and night out with my girls for some stress relieve.
Dukzi dukzi here we come!!!! haha

Till then
Cheers & God Bless

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